Marcia Treiger

Marcia Treiger is a visual artist working as a fine art photographer and photojournalist, as well as a commercial photographer and printmaker. She also has a broad background in teaching and lecturing at the university level, and is highly skilled in motivating and challenging students in the classroom.
Marcia has exhibited extensively throughout the US, and her work is part of several permanent collections, including the Houston Museum of Fine Arts and the Chrysler Museum.
Marcia continually explores fine art photography, and creates new bodies of work for exhibitions. The theme of illusion is prevalent in much of her work, and she specializes in working with many camera formats, especially the pinhole camera.
Marcia’s artwork reflects her view of the layers of reality in our natural, and man-made worlds.
As an artist, explorer of ideas and concepts, and witness to the underlying web that connects everything to everything else, Marcia’s artwork reflects questions about life, not answers. Her images are observations from a trained and passionate eye.
Marcia Treiger currently lives and works in Bradenton, Florida at 927 Mangrove Edge Court, Bradenton, Florida, 34208. She can be directly contacted by phone 941-405-4462 or by email at


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