marcia's art

marcia's art

Hi friends! ๐Ÿ˜„ Welcome to my gallery! I will be adding more pictures as get them ready, so feel free to view what is now available. Ive been interested in making artwork since my childhood,
so thats where it all began! From cartooning to portraits, and historical homes, to name a few.
I also enjoy painting holiday artwork for Halloween and Christmas. I have a large clown gallery which consists of clown ink drawings, in bright vivid colors, which eventually will be posted here.
You will see a few haunted house paintings soon, because we must not forget those lively ghosts! ๐Ÿ˜„ I absolutely love all of the fun holidays, so of course Halloween is at the top of my list! Witches hats and big black bats, and some pots of steamy brew! Halloween is full of spooks, and twisted broomsticks too! Every year I wish for a white Christmas, but I rarely ever get one! I practically have to beg for a snowstorm, so instead, I just paint snow! Lol!! I find painting snowy winter scenes helps me to make up for the absence of snow in my reality. In my paintings I can paint as much snow as I like! Also, Iam hoping to show the more happy side to clowns, since they have such a bad reputation! Clowns should be funny not scary! Lets go take a look at what art is available now. Follow me.........into my gallery! Thankyou! For stoping by!
Enjoy looking at the paintings!



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