My name is Marcelo Blu and I'm a painter | poet | mediocre musician | an archer *beware! | excellent chef... All the best of me at your service!

I was born in Santiago, Chile: a long south-American country boasting having all sorts of scenery and weather but no petroleum, thus keeping the country free of an international nuisance. Currently based in London, UK since 2006.
Chilean blood - Brit heart!

My favourite painting theme is the exploration of the oneiric world: the soft and brutal texture of dreams spiced with all the strength of the human expression/drama in its raw state.
This preference is very linked to my devotion to poetry and the short story style ​from the Poenian school.

web: www.mbluz.com
instagram: www.instagram.com/mblucreations
facebook: www.facebook.com/MarBluZ