Meryem Aouli is a self-taught artist of Moroccan origin, she currently lives in Montreal in Canada. Biologist and teacher, the painting is his passion.
His work is located in the currents semi-abstract and modern impressionist contemporary.
She works with a brush, roller, sponge, the spatula with its fingers... Its main medium is acrylic paint. It also uses the PASTEL sec. His first paintings were to the henna. This plant fragrant and dye has awakened in it the pleasure of painting. It continues sometimes to use this natural medium ancestral and in combination with other colors in order to give more light on his work.
Is 'spread' on the canvas is a way to unhook it from the real world, to be free of the constraints and dare to the expression in all its forms. It is seeking to surrender, to evade the strict rules, to accept the irrational, the excesses of colors, the outside limits of the sensation. The subject of the canvas is a history, a speech, a message pictorial. Start a canvas, it is let go to movements impulsive, to the choice of colors and shapes dictated by the imagination. Several artists have inspired: Kandinsky, Braque, Monet, Picasso, Chagall, Miro, Man Ray and many others. These great painters who wanted to show that the border between what is identified by the eye and what is not is easily rushed. The eye that look at is governed by a series of life experiences that can change the meaning of what is observed according to the State in which one is: fear, pain, joy, stress, mourning…
Watch a canvas according to Georges Braque c is '… just to discover, but keep to explain, because each evidence decreases the truth…and define the work of art, it is him to substitute a convention…'