Manuella Andrada Holló

Manuella Andrada Holló


One of her most preferred topic is the landscape. The act of painting takes place at all time in nature, where she tries to become one with the moment, and with that feeling that takes form in her wich can’t be expressed in words. She also seeks a unity with the process of creatig a picture. At once the coulours become alive and the world is transformed.

Her art makes an attempt to pursue the supposed spiritualism behind the grandiose nature and tries to claim its truth at once.

Her works are influenced by her born features of being open to the world, having a never ending intranquility, the desire to search and understand, and a striving for perfection. And also Music and Literature as wonderful related branches of art and great helpers of the fine-arts.

Her inspiration is fundamentally taken from God, through whom everything exists and who exist everywhere.

Considering the history of art, impressionism and postimpressionism left there marks on her works.
She creates her paintings in very short time, by using quick brushstrokes. I use oil-paint and water-colour. Vivid colors and rough textures play a crucial role in my creations.

She intends to present her audience with intellectual experience, pointing behind the physical world. It is also my aim to convey my personal experiences in an understandable way.
Taking off from paysage she would like to broaden her art in more directions.


Holló Manuella Andrada prepared her series of paintings, entitled Rise, shine! with acryl-mixed technique, in 50x70 size. Her works have been inspired by the glamorous world of shop-windows and Andy Warhol’s vibrant silk-screens full of colour contrasts.

The vivid colours, the glimmer, the use of different materials and the patterns of figures applied, all aim at illustrating the anomalies of metropolitan life, while the energetically and impressionalistically painted background, covered with flowers, is intended to draw attention to the wonderful harmony of nature.

The imperative of the title has a double meaning, expressing rebirth both in a physical and in a spiritual way.

Her pictures capture the moment of the explosion, happening when natural and artificial beauty, nature and the world of fashion meet: they express that artificial beauty can also be real and in harmony with nature, while warning us to keep our inner values and grasp the beauty inherent in our faith and feelings.

"Terrace Sensation"