Born in 1973 in Grenoble. I stopped scientific studies (biology) in mastery, too much absorbed by the love of images and my creative desires. I get a diploma of graphic designer and launches me de facto in the computer image and digital creation.

After 15 years of almost exclusive use of 2D / 3D digital applications for visual production I rediscover by chance my teenage drawings stored in cartons, and it’s like an artistic renaissance. The weariness of the digital tool and the growing impression that it absorbs the knowledge and control of the gesture leaves room for personal fulfillment in traditional painting and more particularly in oil, whose depth of field and maneuverability completely satisfy my artistic desires.

After working for several years in a strict and academic approach I begin a gentle but marked turn to a more intimate expression that gives each key its space of expression. Although always figurative, the voluntary use of a good dose of let go take finally brought to my production some of the answers that I came to seek in the creation.

Let the brush transfigure the figurative in a more direct writing to bring the viewer into a place, a face, and leave a space for his imagination.