Manuela Moldovan

Manuela Moldovan

I am an elected member of COLOUR AND FORM SOCIETY.

For me, art has been a passion since a very young age. I like the freedom to work with colors, imagine, seek, and connect with nature.
My inspiration comes from the color and the depth of a forest, or the fragility and grace of flowers.
More than a landscape, trees and forests, boreal or tropical, have the power to reveal beauty and mystery, fantasy and imagination.
Over the years, I fell in love with mixed media due to the effects on depth, texture, volume, dimensions. Lately, I started experimenting with collage using alcohol ink, Japanese paper, prints of my pictures or artworks, different textiles, adoring to build images and lavish layers.
My artworks are a voyage in search for a flourishing and "green" life,
uplifting and warming up the human soul.

After applying 2-3 coats of acrylic paint on canvas, I start my work adding more layers of cold wax/oil paint, charcoal to define the idea. Soon, inspiration, reflection takes over, as well as adding, subtracting, generating other partial layers.

Please see for more about me and my work.

As a women, I have been attracted by jewellery and one day, I started creating necklaces.
During this journey, I discovered the effect of energy generated by gemstones and got excited about designing any kind of jewellery.
I adore and value the imperfections of a natural material that brings charm and beauty to any piece.
I love creating unique items, infused with positive energy, true love, wearable anytime of the day, making people special, every second of their lives.

Fine art oil mix media paintings