Manu's Magic

Manu's Magic

My drawings, sketches and paintings are influenced mostly by nature, automobile, wildlife and people around. I love to create art and like to use expressive, vibrant color, abstraction and distortions to portray natural beauty of things. I get inspired by almost anything, the shape of a tree branch, the curve of a moving human body, a cloud, a melody or a story.
I then carry this inspiration with me as I keep sketching and experimenting until I arrive at an image that is my artistic response to that inspiration. I then begin coloring, painting, which is like a dance, it has to flow effortlessly and naturally, and it does, provided I can lose myself and connect to the creative flow. When I do that, my hand moves as if by itself. I am merely an observer.

I believe the reason we are interested in art is that our spirit longs to perceive and understand more than it currently does and it instinctually feels that original works of art not only radiate the artist's energy but also reflect some of what's hidden. To become sensitive as an artist or even to recognize and appreciate art, takes time and effort, like any other endeavor.
I believe that an artist transfers some of his life energy as well as some element of ‘universal energy’ into his art and then it becomes valuable.

Looking forward to making a good contribution in the world of art, as I am still a learner.

Flavors of nature


Still Life