Mandy HVO Love

Art is a personal love to create a passion, desire, and belief that we can make anything beautiful in the eyes of someone, if not everyone. If we allow ourselves to tune in and allow our soul to flow without force it's amazing how colorful the world can be. My name is Mandy, I was born and raised in a small town in Manitoba surronded by love, kindness and natural beauty. I have a background in health and wellness and through life's journey I have found through the art of personal healing that painting has been my bestfriend. I fell in love with the beauty colors can make when blended, which made me see how much better a person is when they find another soul to blend with as well. My paintings, crafts, and art are all inspired through love. I hope I can help brighten your life with the passion of my hands. Please email for any comments, interests or just to say hi, A pleasure it has been and will be. Thank you kindly Mandy HV Love.