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Mallorys Design

Mallory Neeve Wilkins - Designer, Artist, Photographer

Watercolour Artist, originally from Toronto, Canada, I have lived and travelled throughout my professional years as a Feng Shui Design Consultant, IIDA, ASID, IDC. Working in the design/build industry, consulting, writing books and photographing 'everything', I travelled throughout North American, Europe, India, and Malta, Macau, Mexico, China, Africa and Great Britain. My passion for painting and photography has a life-long history from childhood which has continued throughout my career. I authored several books, non fiction feng shui, novels and photography over the years. Currently settled on the Pacific northwest coast, retired and enjoying my family and hobbies of curling, hiking and lawn-bowling, I keep busy painting (watercolours) and enjoying my love for photography.

Landscapes: Town & Country

Auto-art Watercolours

Whimsical Watercolours

Photography: Black/white

Tree-scape Watercolours

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