Hello everyone I am malimo. Firstly a big thank you for clicking on my site.We artists tend to have very brittle ego's. Although, we have to project a self belief that borders on the realms of fantasy to protect our selves. There are so few professions where one puts themselves on show for praise or ridicule in equal measure.

knowing how hard it is to produce professional standard pieces it has made me far more discerning when viewing other artists work and creations.As an artist there is no sudden arrival.we are a continual journey to explore our artist potential.

That said I hope you enjoy my work and I am very grateful for any purchase that helps in supporting me.
After leaving art college in Cardiff Wales became a cartoonist. I have worked on children's comics and in animation. I taught art in the community for several years. I have exhibited in galleries and on line.Indeed I have sold all over the uk Canada Australia Ireland Isle of Mann.

Currently I am exploring soft pastels which I very much enjoy.
As is the case with artwork the real original is always far superior than any rendered digital image,except when it is a digital image.Nuance and subtleties are some what lost in translation. However, if you like the image as viewed on your screen the real image will blow your socks off!

Finally, in the words of Thomas Cromwell,"An ounce of talent is worth a whole library of certificates".Being dyslexic this one phrase has kept me going all my creative life..

Thank you,