Portraits by Danette Malerich

Portraits by Danette Malerich


Faces, Dogs and now horses are the favorite subjects of Artist, Danette Malerich.
She excels in the ability to reproduce whatever she sees into life-like images.
Whether black and white or full color, the detail is always meticulous.
The eyes are always the main focal point. Whether dog or human, the eyes hold the soul. They are the life force in every portrait.
All of Ms. Malerich's patrons agree that the eyes are what bring on the emotions, and the memories.
Portraiture is Ms. Malerich's main artistic discipline. Her portraits are a labor of love.
With each Rescue Dog, Cat and Horse portrait, Ms. Malerich donates $25 to an area animal rescue organization.
Clients can also request their own animal rescue organization for donation.

For fun and relaxation, Ms. Malerich enjoys creating water color, Acrylic and soon oil Abstract paintings.
Ms. Malerich's abstracts are full of vibrant energy, color, texture, lines and shapes.
Some of her abstracts evoke questions. Some ask the viewer to "look", to go beyond what is visable.
Every abstract Ms. Malerich paints, takes the viewer on an adventure.
Ms Malerich enjoys travelling, taking classes and work shops to learn new techniques and explore different mediums.

Danette Malerich has openings for commissions of paintings and portraits.
Please contact her if you have any questions, She would so enjoy talking with you!