When I was eight, a docent from the Gallery in the Sun came to my third grade class to talk about the works of Ted De Grazia. I was amazed. When I told my mother about it, I couldn't remember the artist's name. All I remembered was "Ted." So, I took out a little set of watercolors and painted the "Ted" painting I loved the best ("White Dove"). My mom instantly knew who I had been talking about. She sent a photo of my watercolor to the Gallery in the Sun, who published it on their Facebook page and invited my family and me to the gallery. Inspired, I painted multiple imitations of De Grazia's work. Later that year, I painted a pair of jellyfish in acrylics, and I haven't stopped painting since. In 2018, I sold my first paintings, had six paintings published in De La Mancha magazine alongside work by Elise Remender, and was part of a community art exhibition celebrating time and space.

I prefer expressionism to realism, large canvases to small, and mood over object. I am completely self-taught. Please follow me on FaceBook at Makena's Art Page, and share my work. Thank you for your support. I hope to never stop painting.

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