sacred sands glass

Sacred sands glass is my newest creation. I have done many things in glass. I just finished being the director of a glass studio and decided to take my 20 years experience to the next level. You can see all of my experience, awards and schools etc. I have attended on my face book page at sacred sands glass. Color is what I am all about. Quality and being unique are my cornerstones in this world. I have an eclectic palate when it comes to glass. I do anything from sea life to birds, Kachina dolls to nature scenes all in borosilicate glass. Pilchuck and Corning museum of glass are just a couple of the schools I have been to. I will always continue to push my skills to the next level to keep from being stagnant in the ever changing world of glass. I am constantly communicating with people all over the globe about new ideas. thank you for your interest in my work.

Jason Dunks