Majana Besic

Majana Besic

Paintings by Majana Bešić (Beshich)

Majana Bešić is a native of Kozarac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but living in Sarajevo. Her interest in art began in early childhood, she began to paint in the age of 10. After high school, Majana went to the Academy of Fine Arts at Sarajevo University, where she graduated in 2011. While studying, she ''fell in love'' in a different kind of art called ''Henna art'' (some kind of temporary body tattoos/art). Till this day she's active working on it very successfully.

Throughout her career, she had numerous of exhibitions, and she is a member of a artistic group from Sarajevo called ''Četiri mušketira" (The four musketeers).

Artist Statement:
When someone asks me what's my favorite direction in art and where do I find myself in the artistic world I can surely say Impressionism and Expressionism. I am fascinated by the color and enjoy to bring it up to the canvas in any kind of shape. I feel very blessed to paint and express my emotions through the colors and art in general. Therefor I hope to share that feelings with you through my paintings. If you have any question about my art or about me, please let me know.