Magzarati Art

Magzarati Art

New Jersey, 1980: The chaos and frenzy of New York during the 1980's is immortalized in film for the rest of us, but Magzarati's origins in its Italian, Sicilian & Irish communities placed him into that world from the moment he was born. Growing up alongside Parson's and FIT students & Greenwich Village fashionistas, he began selling paintings in high school - sometimes on the sides of his friend's Wallaby Clark's - to begin establishing a name for himself, and took these skills with him when he transferred life to Albuquerque as a young artist in 2005. Those initial forays into the world of both fine & commercial art allowed the young creator to make a name for himself as MAGLI to MAGZ & would eventually lead to Magzarati being established as a local pillar of the community, volunteering at several charities, food banks, and other organizations such as Wings to Life & contributing to local politics. In addition, Magzarati founded his own charity events for the Elementary school wear he co ran the after school programs, 'Wu-Tang is for the Children', a raffle-based fund which ran for three years between 2008-2010. The event was created not only to raise money for after-school art programs in low-income students, but also to build self-esteem among participants by demonstrating to the students both the value of their artwork, and the enjoyment that it gives to others.

Those experiences stoked an intense passion for philanthropy and the desire to give back to the community, which was expressed in full when Magzarati completed his degree in Child Psychology & Education and became a special education teacher. Often positioned at schools in low-income districts, for over TEN years he worked alongside high-risk children to help them navigate their daily challenges. It was during this period that Magzarati saw the benefits that alternative therapy could have for his students - namely, the self-expression and catharsis that they found through art. Magzarati's artwork became the lense through which he could highlight the mental health crisis he either saw in society, or experienced personally. His experiences with both the academic and institutional mental health programs in our country heavily motivated his creative endeavors, and his most recent series, COVID IXX, depicts the toll taken on our collective health, mental and physical, over one of the most momentous and tragic years in living American history.

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Magz/Magzarati is releasing his life experience and creative energy to the public for the first time. If you are searching for an artist who embodies the unfiltered perspective, authenticity and passion of the Other, look no further. For those who do not just see art, but live and breathe art, and find within it the meaning of life itself and a hope for a united future for all, we issue the invitation: delve inside the mind of MAGLI MAGZARATI, Counsulente d'Arte. . .

ONE LOVE to Mr. GRACE, and to all over the years who have supported MAGZ's works of ART, anxiety, love, confusion, & hope.


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