My name is Tim Voigt. I would study art in schools from 1982-1992. I would take art classes all through high school and into college. I would consider being an art major, but change to physics. I would take a college art class and put all my paintings in a student gallery. Unbelievably all would sell out. I am largely self taught specializing in acrylics, cartooning, academics, and blending influences all across the board.

I like artwork that thought provokes, it has color and charisma, and it has a meaning it gives you or you search for it yourself. Art should impress, arousing the senses, inspiring you to live a life, somehow putting an energy into you. Its influence shapes life and ultimately you.

I study the masters. They teach and inspire those after them. They were sucessful in art and their lessons ultimately help you in your success. I like Van Gogh, Renoir, Leonardo da Vinci, and others. They became great masters and I hope their magic becomes part of me or anyone who takes up art. It is there to enjoy and make part of life.

I want my art to enliven, inspire, and decorate making your place alive with image. I hope you like my work. Please tell others about my work. Best wishes.