Magda Loves to Paint

Magda Loves to Paint

My name is Magda, I rediscovered my self through painting, after I went through some traumatic life experiences. since then, I found my self painting without a warning! it was coming from some place deep inside my soul, I found my painting brush translates all my inside feelings on to the canvas. Painting has been the best thing that ever happened to me! I simply paint to heal my heart and soul. In addition I find great pleasure in photography. I hope you'll enjoy my work as much I enjoy making it! You can also follow me on here or follow my page on Facebook (Magda loves to pain) Wishing you all love, tranquility and peace on earth :)

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She is two in one

Missing Heart

On the Harrison


The lady who sells the flowers


Magda is painting her Life

Women's rights in the Middle East


Good Energy Waves

The Egyptian Woman's Revaluation

Heart in the middle of town

Fall in Boston

Life Lines


Sort Waves

Rainbow smiles


Little smiles



Samboo the baby elephant


Feeling Insecure

Up in the air

Merging from the past

Cape Cod Beach

U.S. Neighborhood

Caught a heart in the sky

Cape Cod Cottage by the sea

cottage in the woods

heart in the sky

Little Hope

Blue water Island

Cardiac Arrest

Make me an island

Delete him inside out

The meditation circle

Heart Failure

It's easier not to see the truth

Passing her life's gates

Holding Hope

Doors to somewhere


Her Life's Journey

Summer is entering heaven

Flag up high in the sky

Mystery by the sea

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking/ paint brush

Child's Play

Serenity circl

High trees


Waves on the beach

The circle of the energy flow

Summer is touching heaven

The Flag

Water, wind and fire

Summer can fly now


Shattered Pieces

I'll Survive

Her name is Lola

It's too late my dear

My dream


Mother's Love

The other side of black

The Egyptian eyes


The sun island

Pregnant with her pain

Cape Cod Beach

The wild summer field

Midnight Sun

The hall of Depression

Under the magic pyramid


She is out of this world

Her past, present and future

We are divided

Locked Heart

Candles by the sea

The other side of her

Bad Relashinship

Facing Cancer togther

The overseas Homeless kitten

woman by the door

Day dream

Two chairs and a wall

Bridge over the ocean

Bridge on a cloudy day

Black and white



The little white bridge

Orange Clouds

Window by the Garden

Beach sun set


The light at the end of the tunnel

The Hidden cottage

Little cottage in the woods

Apple on a tree

Alone in a Tunnel

Blue bottle

Hope and courage


I'm the wave

When Mother earth looks down on us

Little house by the beach



The flowers field


Behind the curtains


Princess in a circle

Spring and Autumn

Sun touch down

Simpley Profile

Flowers dance

Eye is wide shut

Poisoned purple flowers

Sun kiss



Magda's inner fear

Behind the shadow

In Halfs

Three girls little corner

Red hood girl




for your eye

for your eyes

Mestry island

Sun Embrace

Embraced by the sun

Serenity island

A little bright island

To say or not to say

Woman trapped in a box

Sunny Island

Eye of the storm

Jeanne's Butterfly

Angie's butterfly

Before sunset

Box of Hope

Out side the box

Sun magic

Behind the mask

Group by colore

After Sunset

weeping blue

Between heaven and earth

Hawai Island

Sun Beach


the three girls


Candy Land



Country House

flowers house

The Gate

Weeping angel

Day by the sea

bipolar 2


Middle of the storm

Melting thoughts