NelaCeramics Gallery

NelaCeramics Gallery

Hello Everyone!

My name is Marianela Borsten and you can call me "Nela". I am the artist and owner of Nela Ceramics, Inc.

I was born a potter without fully knowing it. Being raised in an artistic environment and with a loving family of painters, graphic designers and sculptors, I was gracefully influenced to take the path that defined the artist that I am today. I could still recall during my early teens when I observed a local potter who worked endlessly on a wheel, throwing beautiful jars and bottles. I was so inspired and eventually realized that I was in-love with pottery to the point of no return.

The fusion of creativity and dedication silently brewed in my heart. After 15 years, I bravely decided to take my first class in wheel throwing. My teacher and I were quiet surprised that very first day. It felt as if I have been throwing art pieces forever that I couldn't stop anymore! So here I am 20+ awesome years later. My passion proved to be stronger than anything else, not even my own demons could stop me. Aside from the fact that I do have such undying love for my kids, I also admit that I will always be passionate in making artful objects with clay. My creations represent my genuine reflections in life being so beautiful yet full of mystery and challenges.

I am a living proof that true art is indeed characterized by an irresistible urge of a creative mind and a passionate heart. Every art piece in my store is made with full dedication. To quote Oscar Wilde, "Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known."

Thank you for visiting Nela Ceramics!

Fall and Winter Collection