MAE Art Gallery

MAE Art Gallery

Aloha and welcome, I'm Melissa and I'm the owner and designer behind MAE Art Gallery.

Ever Since I was a child I've always loved art; I began to draw, paint and get into photography. No matter the time I was always drawing, painting or playing with my dads camera. Nothing stopped my creativity, I always found inspiration in everything around me.

Lets forward to the present, I still have a deep love of art and being creative. Which I love to show through my photography; the style of photography I love to do is landscape, nature, seascape, black and white and still life photos. Because of my love and passion for art I've decided to make it my business.

I started my shop, to be able to do what I love, and to share it with all who see it. I absolutely love what I do and I just can't imagine not being able to spend my days out in nature taking photographs and getting inspired.

It will be a pleasure getting to share my work with you all. A big Mahalo to you for taking the time to stop by and explore my shop.