Magdalena Knight Art

Magdalena Knight Art

Artist - Magdalena Knight

Magdalena was born in Poland. Currently she lives in Australia.
Magdalena is self-taught and feels this shows in her spontaneity, when she mixes different colours together to create her artworks. The best way for her is to experiment and see what this brings. She tends to use acrylic, oil and aerosol paints to create her colours.
She likes using abstract designs that can lead to surprising results. Keeping things simple using very few colours is the key to produce unusual and beautiful images.
She has always wanted her paintings to be desired and impossible to walk past without any attention. The more they look at them, the more satisfying they become for the viewers.

Original artwork is available from or

Mysterious Forest

Colourful Pansies


Beautiful pansies


Power of Ocean

Lollypop Land


Deep Blue

Out of Nowhere

Catastrophic storm

Touch of Nature

Irruption of Colour