madhus art gallery

madhus art gallery

PROFILE OF MADHU JAIN - THE INDIAN ARTIST, painting with rock mineral pigments

Madhu Jain (71) born in 1947, Jaipur, Rajasthan State, India . She studied Fine Arts from Sarda Ukil School of Arts, New Delhi in 1963 and later researched Sumi-e (Ink brush Painting) and Nihonga (japanese style painting) in Tokyo, Japan She has travelled widely and imbibed the cultures of the countries she lived in and brought them on to her canvas.

Being a versatile artist, solo exhibitions of her works have been invited by art galleries to Tokyo, (50th anniversary of Japan India relations), Singapore, and San Francisco USA (150th anniversary of Japan U.S relations) She has received international critical acclaim, and received prestigious awards both in India and abroad. Her works have found entry into the prestigious 'Nikaten' ( Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo ) seven times.

Since this medium is relatively unknown to contemporary artists outside Japan, she has the added advantage of using this technique to project the vivacity and diversity of Indian traditions and cultural heritage.

Her paintings have been auctioned successfully for natural disasters like earthquakes, floods & recently Tsunami. They are in possession of art collectors, corporates houses in India and Abroad.