Sukadana Gallery

Sukadana Gallery

I Made Sukadana . Born in Banjar Tohpati, Karangasem, Bali on the twelfth of March 1966. Made Sukadana is the second child to Ni Ketut Griya, the mother, and I Wayan Sarwa, the father, who have two children. Made's mother was an expert in Balinese knitting and cloth weaving. His father's expertise was Balinese architecture, temple and shrine architecture in particular.

Made Sukadana studied art at Denpasar Senior High School for Art, Bali, from 1982 through 1986. He also seriously learned the traditional painting. In four years he learned and practiced the traditional art of Gusti Nyoman Lempad at the home of Tu Biyang, one of the maestro's children. Later, still in 1986, for one month Made learned the Kamasan traditional style directly from the sage, Nyoman Mandra. 'It was in Kamasan that seriously learned traditional techniques; i even learned how to make canvas', Made explained. Prepared with the ability in traditional painting, Made Sukadana went to study at ISI Art Institute in Yogyakarta, and got his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree )'S1 diploma') in 1994

Made Sukadana died at the age of 52, August 2018. Made Sukadana died before seeing his solo exhibition at the Sangkring Art Project Gallery. When Sukadana was alive, once the price of his paintings skyrocketed. His working became the target of collectors but, then the price of the painting dropped. Observers say it happened because Sukadana waas too productive so his paintings were not exclusive.

Sukadana was able to complete ten works in a month. Even in a day sometimes he can finish several paintings. "No matter how much I make a painting, it will go away right away (sold out). Now I'm high,"said Sukadana a few years ago, when he was still in his prime. Suwarno saw that Sukadana's paintings were still very powerful and valuable. That's why his work deserves to be seen again