Macpeters aka Maryanne Peters

Macpeters aka Maryanne Peters

I create square paintings filled with other-worldly, dreamlike imagery. I paint with acrylic, usually with UV reactive paint. I mix together airbrush with brush paint in order to achieve different effects, and dabble in a bit of spray paint when the weather is nice.

I want people to be able to recognise something of themselves in my art. I believe people can greatly benefit from knowing they aren’t alone in whatever they are feeling, even though their specific experience is unique.

I grew up in relative silence - rarely speaking until well into adulthood. I find words are often misconstrued, or taken out of context. Through art it is possible to share the human experience and connect on a meaningful level.

I am inspired by the vast biodiversity around us and the heights and depths which the human mind is capable experiencing in life.

Mac Peters Paintings