The artist MohTaShim is a Kenyan-Asian who immigrated to England some 50 years ago and has enjoyed a fruitful career in the Oil and Gas Industry. Now retired, the London-based photographer pursues his lifelong passion in Photography with a focus on people, culture, and place.

This portfolio of portraits and images is an evocative depiction of what the artist calls “Humanscapes”. The “Humanscape” is an exploration of the will to persevere through the vagaries of life as seen through the personal lens of the artist. It is the face, the “Humanscape”, which tells our stories. Through every smile, crease, and expression we get a glimpse into the experiences lived, hardships endured, and wisdom gained by subjects from all walks of life.

In his travels around the world the artist seeks to document the everyday struggles and endeavours within these “Humanscapes”, and challenges us to read the stories suffused in each and every image.

Signed and authenticated photographs by the artist are in a limited edition of 100 and printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl paper.

Art Collection