A jasmine aroma emanates from the core of Damascus. Mild pieces of fine art, an exquisite style with both classic and contemporary touches... hidden stories of nature and creation. This is what Mohamad Bahaa Ayoubi’s art work is all about. Unique pieces combine nature and beauty with a nice gesture to its creator; Allah Almighty.

Mohamad Bahaa graduated from Damascus University, Fine Arts Faculty and worked as an interior designer till 1989. He then traveled to the USA where he chose to work as an embroidery designer for bridal and evening dresses. Later on he started his own company for silk screen printing on bridal, evening, and day wear dresses. He went back to his country, Syria, in 2007 to start his own brand "Touch Of Gold" for designing bridal and evening gowns. In 2010, he started painting for public again after it had always been for his home, friends, relatives, or presented as gifts. In 2013 he left Syria and went to Istanbul, Turkey with his family, leaving everything he had started cause’ of the war and began painting again.
Mohamad Bahaa has made a collection as an appreciation to Allah Almighty who has gifted him with his talent, guided him all along the path of his life, and lifted him up in the hardest of times. He had chosen to introduce a collection of art pieces that carries the names of Allah. Each painting implies gratitude to The Creator hidden inside the beauty of nature.

Mohamad Bahaa Ayoubi was honored to have his first exhibition in Sultan Hankar Kasri, Yeni Camii in Istanbul by the Commercial Chamber of Istanbul in 2015. In January 26th 2016, he participated in a gallery for various artists in Nis Art Gallery in Nisantasi, Istanbul.

He has always embodied many techniques in each piece to grant it its uniqueness.
This is how he breaths, through his art pieces and the beauty of the nature hoping to convey his standpoint, ideas and notions to his art appreciators.

Beauty is everywhere around us, we only enjoy it but don’t appreciate the most amazing fact of all; its creation. Meditation on this beauty makes us appreciate where and how we live.