Lyu Sienna

Lyu Sienna

If you like stories how to change profession and life at 45+ and achieve success, read on. I'll start from the end. In 2019, my exhibition won at the National Art Days in the Netherlands. First public prize among 200 participants.

So, I was born and raised up in Ukraine. My profession is a psychologist and a business coach. I really liked my work and I did not plan to change anything. But, in 2008, I move to live in the Netherlands. And 10 years ago, inspired by a visit to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, I created my first painting "Almond Blossom”. The painting looked similar to the tree that I, at the age of five, failed to complete at my paintings class. So, many years later, an artist woke up in me. Since thet time I began my path in art.

Thanks to the painting, I learned to look at the sky.

Then, I continued my education at master classes in painting of Iris Frederix (Netherlands).

I had 6 exhibitions of my works: 4 in Netherlands and 2 in Kyiv (Ukraine).

And my biggest success was to win Public prize on National Art Days 2019 in the Netherlands. I exposed series “Girl with a Perl Earring. Contemporary version”. (Inspiration by Johannes Vermeer). This is digital art based on my paintings.

Now I explore digital way because it brings more opportunities and freedom. I am painting with oil as well in realism stile.

My passion - to inspire people to follow their heart. Core values are freedom and trust.

If you want to get off the ground then listen to yourself. If you want to fly far trust people.

"Girl with a Pearl Earring"


"Birds and flowers"