Alexei (Lyosha) Svinarski. b.1958. Lives in Urbana, IL.
a self-taught artist, painter, photographer.
Founding Owner, Director of the Urbana Museum of Photography.

"...I don't remember when the process of "taking the photographs" for me was turning into "making the photographs". This moment, I suppose , gradually appeared from studying and working with paintings, which I have been doing for long time. Whenever it happened - I become to consider photography as Art Form.
As Visual form of Art, photography, unlike any other (with the exception of Architecture), relies on science and requires knowledge of "tools", - cameras, lenses, films, paper and chemistry and, on top of everything - the visual perception. Aesthetically, my works are "looking for" Pictorial essence in photography. Regardless of subject, - landscape, still life, "abstract".., it should have all elements in participation, - composition, texture, balance etc, to be lined up for the creation of photograph."
Prints have been done on silver gelatin Fiber "Oriental Seagull" photographic paper with use of Dark Room processing techniques. Size 16"x20" in limited additions only.

Still Life compositions.

The Ballet

The Work of Light