Lynne G Fine Art

Lynne G Fine Art

I initially started painting by trying my hand at landscapes using oils and sketching during my highschool years.

I decided to try soft pastels a couple of years ago, when commissioned to do a painting for a friend and have been hooked ever since.

Since this first pastel painting, I painted my german shepherd dog in soft pastels, and found myself highly sought after for pet portraits. I have completed many commissions using soft pastels, and now every year I produce a German Shepherd Dog calendar of my pastel portraits.

I am self-taught, and spend my spare time when I am not painting looking for new ways to expand my expertise. I have attended a number of artist workshops in acrylics and am now coaching a couple of students in art, as well as running a local soft pastel workshop.

I aim to convey a sense of peace and serenity in my art, focussing on the simple things in life, whether it be in a landscape, wildlife or people and am available for commissions.