Lisa Wooten Photography

Lisa Wooten Photography

I am a retired fitness instructor/personal trainer just wanting to show people the beautiful world we live in. The beautiful world God has given us. Beauty is around us everywhere, the matter is that we have to see it with different eyes. Everyone knows that a flower, a puppy or a sunset is beautiful, but there are many other things that deserve our attention and that are beautiful for other reasons than simply visual.

Things tell us stories, everything you find in your way has something to say, an old building, an abandoned church, even old tools tell us about themselves. But, how do we make other people listen and find the beauty? Well, that's called "art". Art makes things talk by themselves and tell us their story, it gives real beauty even to a piece of wood, so sometimes it's not just about what we capture but how.

There is something called perspective that we should take into account and which can bring a melancholic, sad, happy, romantic, etc. touch to our shots. Let's imagine an abandoned and ancient building, we have many ways to capture it and depending on that we'll get a result: time of the day, light, from where, close, far, perspective, clouded day, sunny day, among other possibilities. The matter is that we can find beauty wherever we go if we have a good eye, a good technique and artistic sense.

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