Lucinda Watermeyer Art

Lucinda Watermeyer Art

From a very young age Lucinda expressed herself creatively, driven by divine inspiration and never following any trends - only that inspiration lead by heart. Her heart art was an outflow from a very young age. During her studies as journalist in the 1990's, her passion for expression was many times the outlet of a heart filled with beauty which she always shared with those who embrace her art. Her words became her passion and each work of art holds a story to the beholder, a written certificate of authenticity that explains to the buyer the impression expressed in the art work. The many stages of her life, including the hard road of love lost, despair, the joy of childhood, betrayal, divorce and continual adoration for love has taken her art to intense levels and for all her career as artist, the familiar signature of her art work, was only her name.

Now i nthe late stage of her life, she has found true love and for the first time her artwork signature encompasses the full life circle and the happy place she embraces, signed Lucinda Watermeyer. This new life is also signified in her colorful artwork these days, a true reflection of the JOY! of life she has come to experience.

"Color makes the world's difference. This has become my own unique life motto and I embrace the NOW of every day in the bright and glorious way given to me and my family and that is what I express in my art, to IN-light you with the Ray of Sun hen you embrace my artwork. May each piece provide you with Light, and Love and Life - from my heart to yours."

Lucinda now resides in the beautiful Garden Route in the Western Cape of South Africa, surrounded by regional botanical's, a personal favorite theme for her art work, but also follow divine inspiration as her artwork themes.

Her work is available at a few local art galleries but can be viewed at her studio, 17 Pearl Street, Tamsui Industria, George.