Luxurious Ragdoll

Luxurious Ragdoll

I’m not an artist, sorry to disappoint you. I’m a mother who’s child got into trouble. My daughter got sick, had kidney transplantation few months ago (I’m her living donor) and some complications. We are now closed at our home most of the time, so I started to photograph our extremely lazy and spoiled cat to make some extra money.
Looks like this message sounds really desperate, but it’s not, we are not complaining. Just had to write truth in the artist’s field ;)

Statement of the cat:
My humans call me luxurious, because they think I'm spoiled.
But it's all about cattitude, guys, all about cattitude!

Some basic facts about me:
✔️I'm a purebreed ragdoll (blue bicolour)
✔️Born in EU, 2017
✔️I hate cuddles!
You can find me in Instagram as luxurious.ragdoll and follow my daily laziness :)

Thank you for reading 😘