Le Roy David Candelaria (November 26, 1973) known professionally as LUXNV, is an American visual artist with a collection of works in various mediums that span from video, photography, graphic design and painting.

Having worked as an applied artist for over a decade it motivated him to expand his artistic horizons into the areas of photography and video. He attended The Art Institute of California - Inland Empire at the same time working as a freelance artist. Entrusted for his production skills, an eye for design and professional attitude he was given the opportunity to work as a contracted video director for such clients as Coca-Cola and their affiliates from Glaceau and Sprite in which he provided video production for the marketing and sales teams in the Los Angeles and Orange County districts.

As his thirst to expand his visual arts repertoire grew he felt the next logical step was taking his ideas to canvas. Now armed with knowledge in art history, experiences from life and the passion for the arts, he draws inspiration from all these channels and freely expresses himself through both traditional and abstract works.