Larissa Uvarova

Larissa Uvarova

I love abstraction! What is good about abstraction is that you transmit the substance in simple way, adding just a composition, color, technique… and of course feelings. To achieve a resonance with the viewer, you have to live through your painting. If you paint what you have lived through, it allows you to achieve sensuality and honesty in your paintings. There are no fictional stories in my creations. Each painting is my story… And all these small stories constitute artistic life.

About my art My paintings are about feelings…
Everything that is impossible to see or touch I transmit to canvas. Abstraction is my art! It allows to transmit the vibration of feelings, the energy of life, energetics of beautiful places, memories and emotions. Just know that I will teach you to see the invisible. I will paint love, paint abstractly, sincerely, and as good as I can. I cannot express it in a dance, cannot sing it in a “goosebumps” way, but I can paint it using oil on canvas. And you will feel it together with me… I will lift you a bit higher than the sky and carry to the world of paints, to my world of abstraction, to my world of love. Looking at my works will immerse you into the feelings that everyone is trying to preserve.

Technique I paint my works with oil on canvas. I love how my oil paints are guiding me in the course of my work. I love their texture and the way they mix, creating beautiful transitions. In some works I add golden or silver pogo or some acrylic paints. The density and depth of the painting are very important to me. All my paintings are multilayered regardless of the way they were created: whether ironed with a brush or structured with a palette knife. I want you to be able to feel the plot tactilely when touching a painting. Yes, it is possible! Each work is full of paints, transitions and shapes. It always contains a lot of energy even when it is a romantic, smooth painting, created with a brush.

Inspiration The interest inspires me! It is interesting to me to find answers to the questions that excite me and to transmit the answers to the canvas. It is like a continuous creative search and immersion into art. Painting feelings is complex and simple simultaneously. The desire to create beautiful paintings is inspiring! Likely inspiring is that my paintings are attracting people not only in Ukraine, but in many countries all over the world. The life is inspiring!

1. 19.09.2012 -29.09.2012 – Exhibition in the National literary museum, Kiev, Ukraine.
2. 02.12.2012 -23.12.2012 – Exhibition in the museum of Russian art "Chocolate house", Kiev, Ukraine.
3. 12.02.2015 – 14.03.2015 – Exhibition "Four seasons: chocolate symphony" in the Kiev City Museum "Spiritual treasures of Ukraine", Kiev, Ukraine.
4. 21.04.2017 - 01.05.2017 - Exhibition "Feelings" at Spivakovska Art:Ego Culture Centre, Kiev, Ukraine.
5. 17.06.2017 - Exhibition in European Business Association and Aspen Institute, Kiev, Ukraine.
6. 16.09.2017 – 24.09.2017 - Exhibition "White party" at Spivakovska Art:Ego Culture Centre, Kiev, Ukraine.
7. 02.11.2017 - 12.11.2017 - Exbibition "We contemporary 2017 : Ukraine edition" dedicated to the launch of the catalog curated by the MUSA International Artspace at Spivakovska Art:Ego Culture centre, Kiev, Ukraine.
8. 13.04.2018 - 17.04.2018 - Exhibition "Woman's essence show by MUSA", Madrid, Spain.
9. 21.06.2018 - Exhibition in UBI Conference Hall, Kiev, Ukraine
10. 12 - 14.10.2018 - Exbibition "We contemporary 2018" curated by the MUSA International Artspace, Palermo, Italy.
11. 01.11.2018 - Exbibition "We contemporary 2018 : Ukraine edition" dedicated to the launch of the catalog curated by the MUSA International Artspace at Spivakovska Art:Ego Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
12. 04 - 12.2018 - SOLO Exhibition "From the Deep" in Spivakovska Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
13. 10 - 17 May, 2019
Woman's Essence Show concomitant event official pavilion of Bangladesh 58th Venice Biennale. Palazzo Zenobio, VENICE



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