Luther Godslight: The Art of Introspection

Luther Godslight: The Art of Introspection

Hello all who happen across my artwork,

Thank you for showing interest in my artwork and visiting my gallery today, I hope that you enjoy some of the works you'll find here!

I never thought that I would become an artist, while I've always had artistic tendencies I couldn't find the medium or subject matter to create with. While I've loved creating things and diving into different projects, I could never fully capture what I wanted to bring to paper as I lacked both the skills and coordination for "more eloquent" works of art. Then I began to think, do my works necessarily need to be eloquent to carry meaning or purpose behind them? At that moment was when the art world opened up to me and I begun painting out the things that I thought.

My art pieces are works of introspection, when I was feeling a certain way or contemplating a subject I would take to the canvas and start painting. Emotions are simplistic concepts that also carry a near infinite complexity, which is what I strive to reproduce by my use of limited colors combined with my unique "Eraser Form" abstract art style. "Eraser Form" is an art form that consists of splotching your primary colors across a surface, then "erasing" or rubbing them until the colors have become intermingled but but not so much that they remain distinctly separate. While it can be done to a few simple colors, the more elaborate the "pre-erased" painting is the better the final will turn out. For mine, most often I will start by drawing a simple person in front of a simple background before taking "Eraser Form" to it to achieve that nice melded look while maintaining enough original detail to have people question what they are seeing "behind the art", which is why I also bring up the question of "what do you see?" concerning all of the art that I produce.

Often times the subject matter of my art will consist of the conflict and balance between happiness and sadness, light and dark, order and chaos, good and evil. These are merely concepts, yet they decide so much about how we perceive the world around us, and even how we perceive art. As these are concepts prompted by the human condition, you will find that most of my works have as one of the primary colors a skin tone. While emotions and feelings can come in a vast array of colors, humanity is all the same at base value, making it a constant in an otherwise confusing existence. With all of my works I encourage you to do some introspection and determine how a piece of art makes you feel or think, as you are likely to see differently than I or anyone else.

To me art is a disconnect, a means by which one can escape the busy world around them and take a moment to think. I am not a very sociable person, nor am I able to convey my emotions too well. As someone with autism, it can be rough sometimes when you try to identify how you feel but don't know how to piece it together properly. However, through art, I am able to throw what I have in my mind on paper and then analyze it after the fact. In a way, each piece of art is a physical representation of what emotions and questions are moving through my head at the time of their inception. Introspection is a means of evaluating oneself and one's life, I've just taken my personal introspection and put it on paper. As they are introspective works made by someone using introspection, I encourage all to take a similar approach to their engagement with my art as I did when they were originally made.

Thank you all for the support for my work! I plan on continuing to document my introspection through the use of art for a long time to come thanks to it!

"When you look long enough, what is it that you see take form in the colors? Everyone sees something different, some more than others. Perhaps you will be one of those that sees life itself."

-Luther Godslight, The Introspective Artist

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