Luna TAU

Luna TAU

Luna Tau is a female artist originally from Amsterdam and since 2014 resident on a white Island in the Mediterranean sea.

Creative expressions in various ways is a natural state of being for Luna TAU since the day she was born.

With a large variety of artistic interests and the right dosis of curiosity, she has made a career on multiple levels.

She developed skills and captured life experiences being a ; dancer, choreographer, costume designer, photographer and allround entertainer. Up until teaching dance classes to the youngest and the older people.

Since 2016 she puts her experiences & expressions on paper by creating Fine art. And building tiny treasures as sculptures from natural pieces found on the shores of the beaches.

We invite you to have a look on the current work which is ready to hang & available to purchase now.

Treat yourself and purchase something special, or give away and buy someone you care of some exclusive artwork.

> Remember that °°° With your purchase you are supporting artists like these in the challenging times we all are experiencing. In this way, art buyers and collectors like YOU create more opportunities for the cultural scene and artists around it.

We thank you in advance for being a big part of the working flow and role as the future owner/collector of exclusive art.

With love and peace,

The artist and team Luna TAU

On Instagram : luna.tau
+31684791788 (NL)
+34642325307 (ES)


Black ink fine pen on paper Drawing

Exclusive, Original Artwork Luna TAU