irena lukjanska

Irena was born in 1957 in Kraslava. In 1974 she finished Kraslava 2nd highschool. She liked painting since her childhood therefore during her school years she painted posters to decorate the school halls. She painted for herself and also for her friends. She did not enter Academy of art, nevertheless she continued with self education.

In 2007 A. Gorgoca started his art studio in Kraslava and Irena begin to attend it. These studies in the studio are very interesting and exciting – one can learn a lot of new.

A. Gorgots is a world class painter whose canvases, painted in the neo-academic style, as he defines it himself, can be found in private collections in Russia, Germany, Israel, the United States and other countries, and naturally in Latvia, where he lives and works since 1991. More about A. Gorgots and his paintings can be found here: