Navarro Fine Art

Navarro Fine Art

About Luis Navarro,

Luis is a storyteller. He uses a melting pot of images and colors to convey his tales. And as any fine storyteller will tell you, there is a bit of truth to even the tallest tales. The truth found in his paintings is his own life, both fortune and misfortune alike. Luis's work is diverse because he is interesting and he finds inspiration in variety. He is often intrigue when someone interprets his artwork in a completely different light than he intended. This result, he believes, is a different yet equally significant new story.

Luis studied art at The College of the Canyons (Valencia, California) and The Los Angeles Academy of Art (Sherman Oaks, California). During this time, he was fortunate to have studied under the direction of masterful artists including, Mark Westermoe, Gregory Weir-Quiton, Sean Zents, and Michael Butkus. Through this experience, he developed a profound understanding and appreciation for the fine arts.

Luis's academic and grand life experiences have led him to develop a unique multi-talented approach toward art. His tools of choice include q-tips,pencils,charcoal, paint brushes, and airbrushes. He uses a combination of paints including acrylics, oils, gouache, and dyes. These elements allow him to extract ideas and expressions from his dream world to convey unparalleled masterpieces on canvas, wood, and metal.

Luis's paintings have been showcased in numerous reputable galleries and museums nationwide and he has been commissioned to create paintings for private collectors. In addition, he has produced illustrations for art studios and has created paintings and murals for various organizations.

Upon reviewing his artwork, Luis hopes that you will view it with an open mind and possibly develop your own whimsical or extraordinary tale. To learn more about Luis's artworks, visit