My Artworks (15-16)

My Artworks (15-16)

Hi there! Welcome to my page.

Let me introduce myself a little bit. I am twenty-one-year-old artist living in Prague.

… You are probably wondering, why you should buy something from very me. Yeah, I know there are plenty of better artists then me. But it’s not just about the artwork itself. If you are asking what I mean by that, I will give you an explanation right now. I just love it. I love to put colors on canvases, love to take my brushes every day and love to think about art. It's my life. When I see my art hanging on your wall, that’s what feeds me with passion. And that’s what makes me continue.

I usually sit for a few hours looking at canvas and thinking how to put on the best possible picture of my imagination. Then I start to paint daily for about 5-9 hours. Every time finishing a new artwork I can feel how my technique is getting better and better. It´s widely known that artists life is hard. Yes, it could be. However there are few things better than just having a brush between my fingers.

I am creating an oil paintings and I want to travel around the World and paint everywhere. Can you help me? I hope you will enjoy my gallery and If you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate and let me know