Lucy Arteaga - works from the heart

Lucy Arteaga - works from the heart

I’m Luisana (Lucy) Arteaga, a young polyglot artist with aspirations of holding expositions and seeing my pieces in places far from my home.
I’ve been often told to “sell my art”, so after giving it some serious thought, I decided to begin this journey as an artseller.
Who knows where it’ll take me? One this is for sure: no matter how many pieces I sell (or don’t sell), art won’t stop being produced from my hands, for watercolour ink might as well run through my veins.

I am studying languages and have no desire to stop my translating degree to solely dedicate to art.
I find joy in juggling both and creating a drawing or two while I struggle to remember my “der, die, das.”
And while art block hits (it happens to everyone), I find it nice to dedicate a solid hour or two to polish my subjonctifs and imparfaits.

I believe there is no such thing as “natural talent.” Most people are born with the skills to be an artist (even people born without both hands), and art is portrayed in more places than on a canvas.
I believe practice, love for the hobby, and motivation are the only three ingredients to turn a healthy hobby into a professional thing.

Motivation comes from anywhere, and if I can inspire just one single person to practise with their art, then this will have been worth it.