Lucretia's  World

Lucretia's World

Artist Statement for Lucretia Hatfield

Since I was a small child I have walked the line between the inner imaginary worlds and the outer physical world. Through creativity and exploration, I strive to unify and balance the inner with the outer. The inner realm is even more vast and complex than the outer. Yet, through deep meditation with nature, I am able to build a bridge between the two.

Each time I create I unveil new worlds, ideas, energies, and otherworldly beings. A symbolic language emerges through my art, revealing messages of higher truths from the inner realms. While I am not always able to translate these messages into human language, I do understand them. They are uplifting and supportive messages which often go directly to the heart, bypassing the mind.

From exploring many different forms of media over the last 40 years, I have found mixed media to be the ideal form for expressing these messages. Much like how a composer blends many different sounds into a symphony, I blend 2D images and 3D objects to form a visual symphony. Each element is like a piece of a puzzle, and I get a sense of joy and satisfaction when all the visual elements come together to form a whole. When each element has room to evolve, a project can be an ongoing journey, with room for further investigations and discoveries.

Creating art is the most engaging, fun, exciting, fulfilling activity in my life. Through creating I connect with the Creator and my higher self, giving them expression in the physical world.

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