Lucky Friday Artist

Lucky Friday Artist

Lucky Friday is a graphic designer who originates from New Zealand and now residing in beautiful Cape Town. I’ve worked across the globe for some of the largest advertising agencies on the planet and now concentrating on my artistic talents. I play in the world of fine art printing, oil paintings and digital art.

I’m inspired by Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Picasso and more recently David Hockney & William Kentridge. In my graphic design career graffiti art, Bauhaus School of design and deconstruction influenced my career and fortunate to have won numerous international design awards for my graphic design and global advertising campaigns.

You maybe asking why the name “Lucky Friday”?
That’s a good question. It’s more to do with the amazing people I have met in Africa. Their names are so simple like “Precious, Lucky, Innocent, Beauty etc.” I adopted Lucky Friday to represent my Africanism.

I hope you enjoy the art you see and open for commissions. Please follow me on Instagram @luckyfridayartist or use the hashtag #luckyfridayartist


Attended the Wanganui School of design - the first computer graphic design program in the Southern Hemisphere. Here I studied typography, print making and computer graphics. I graduated with honours and soon after started my career in advertising which took me across the globe.

1996 - Guilty Exhibition
An exhibition using screen printing, digital printing on to fabric depicting a horrific murder that happened in New Zealand. It was a look at how little people in society really care about human life vs the major news story that week which was about our cabinet Minister who was stuck in a lift and couldn’t do his morning radio show.
“GUILTY” was hard hitting and questioned our values and the misuse of mainstream media. Funny enough, it made mainstream Tv and was aired on National television. The family of the victim saw the show and contacted me afterwards, thanking me to allow their daughters life and story to have meaning.

October 2020- October 2021
Museum of contemporary African Art - Zeitz Mocca
During lockdown I started to paint again and created “Omo Boy”. A computer generated art piece which is printed on gold aluminium. And currently hanging. This art piece is for sale.

Whales & Sharks

Wildlife from Africa