Lucio Campana

Lucio Campana

I was born and grew up in a little village called Cernobbio in the Lake of Como in Italy.

My town was facing the lake and was surrounding with beautiful mountains, where is beautiful and peaceful……… it was where I became an eternal lover of peaceful Nature.

Investigating the uniqueness of lake and sunsets has became a passion and my focus on the mystery of light and shadows is a driving force in my art today.

The roots of my artistic expression are both deeply cerebral and emotional. I am drawn to reflective waters, mountain, field and villages landscapes.

I enjoy painting when the early morning sunlight and late afternoon shadows are a constant source of mood and light.

I use the light soft hues, and mixes all other values, tones, and shades from the basics to make the viewer feel the flowers blowing in the breeze and the sun shining through the trees..........

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