Luciano Torsi

Luciano Torsi

Impose somebody’s work in the artistic panorama is ever more difficult; many are the obstacles to get through, first of all a market which is getting larger and larger, where the art collectors and the amateurs are looking for new tendencies, but mostly for products supposed to be valid under the “quality” point of view.
Obviously, at the base of this process stands the professional research of the artist, linked to the appreciability of the painting itself; you can fulfill the first characteristic with years of work but the second lies in the subjectives skills of the author and in his ability to recreate unique atmosphere simply using a brush. If we talk about Luciano Torsi, we will surely risk to forget something , because all of him has been yet said or written and, more than the words, his paintings speak for him.
A career of forty years is not a mere detail and these few lines won’t be the way to discover an already well-know painter, a man that with his witness has brought and will bring ahead the name of our city in Italy and abroad. He’s a painter loved by the masses from both the human and the artistic side, who doesn’t need any introductions, but to whom we feel the need to dedicate some words. He’s a painter able to capture the attention of the audience with his paintings full of feelings humanized with colours but, most of all, with the heart.
In his brooks the water flows out and the perfectly located reflexes makes the subject harmonically floating, creating a landscape which has been quite forgotten in our so frenetic days. “The painter of the woods”:this is common de finition for Luciano Torsi.
His spring landscapes with brooks and fields full of brilliant flowers,seem to scent. Born in Arezzo, Luciano Torsi has moved to Livorno when he was young; a self-taught painter, he was able to correct his imperfections and take his own place on the artistic scene.
He is mentioned on the “Annual” of the tuscan painters, on the “Centro Arte Diffusione” of Florence, on “Gli anni ’60 nell’aria italiana” of Piacenza and on the “Italian Artistic Market of the 1800/1900”. He’s also mentioned in the “European contemporary Painting Dictionary” of Milano and also quoted in Bolaffi Paintings Catalogue N°8 (1973) and N°11 (1978).
Luciano Torsi has been a remarkable presence in the livornese exhibition of “Premio Rotonda” since 1964. He has made personal exhibitions in many italian localities (Lido di Jesolo, Empoli, Roma, Camp Darby, Siena, Viareggio, Firenze,Novara, Torino, Pinerolo, Racconigi, Avigliana, Bari and La Spezia), and abroad :Lima (Perù), Cincinnati (Ohio), Pensacola (Florida), Toronto (Canada), Paris (France).

Many are the prizes received:

1966 = 3rd Prize on “Coppa E.N.A.L.”
1967 = Gold Medal “RA.DE.CO.”
1968 = Silver Medal “E.P.T.”
1977 = Prize “Dante Alighieri”
1979 = International award “Due Mondi”
1983 = International award “Wagner”
1983 = National “Premio della Cultura-Quercia d’Oro” award
1983 = Prize “Biennale Città di Arezzo”
1983 = International Critics Award
1996 = 1st Prize “Biennale Accademia degli Etruschi”
1998 = 1st Prize “Biennale di Livorno”

He’s also an academic professor “Della Tiberina” in the Institute of Culture and Arts in Rome. The works of Maestro Torsi has been analyzed and reviewed by R.Natali, Domenica. Amodei, Pfandt, Damari, as well as by “La Nazione”,“Il Telegrafo” and “Il Tirreno” magazines.