Lucee Deen

Lucee Deen

I have in my personal collection a numbered print by Raphael Sawyer. I am interested in selling these prints.

I also have a two Hogarth prints:
1. "Taste of High Life" printed in London, March 1,1808 by Boydell & Co. On the bottom it says: "original picture printed by Hogarth in 1748 in the possession of John Birch Esq. to whom this plate is humbly dedicated by his obliged servant Sam Phillips."

2. "Royal Masquerade Somerset House" from a painting by William Hogarth, engraved by Tho. Cook, Oct. 21, 1805, at No 11 Hay Market.
measures: 31" Wide, 27 " high


Numbered prints by Raphael Sawyer

Hogarth Print "Taste of High Life"