Luca De Siena - Nature Photography

Luca De Siena - Nature Photography

I’ve started using my camera as a tool to explore the mountains and the woods of my homeland which always seemed to be too dangerous Luca-petrella and too risky as a child. I had desire to walk new paths and discover new things. I’ve always been fond of Nature but it’s only thanks to photography that I had the chance to go deep into it, to finally lose myself into this strange and yet familiar environment.

I would love to give voice to little and unseen things through my photography or to offer a different perspective of familiar views. My final goal it’s not photography itself but rather to get people to see a whole new world that deserves respect and protection.

I love to spend more time in front on my camera’s viewfinder in search of the perfect composition rather than tweaking sliders on a software to try to create an image digitally. I only add a moderate adjustments of contrast, white balance, saturation and sharpness to my photos in post production.

All of my photos are taken without interfere, tamper, disturb, alter or otherwise manipulate the natural environment.