L. Supanich Photography

L. Supanich Photography


I was raised in a small town in Southwest Missouri where I began a passion for nature and the wildlife that moved across the farm I grew up on. I also had a secret interest in photography and the way of life that it captured. As I got older I headed off to college where the passion was silenced by the exciting life of college and starting my life. I decided to enter the world of number through Accounting beginning my life in the professional world. As I got older and advanced in my career there was an emptiness in my life. Finally, a friend of mine bought me a camera and told me to get out and enjoy my life. After all I was just a number for a company that could be replaced easily. With his push I decided to explore my local forest preserves and get back to a passion I thought I had grown out of long ago. As the years have passed I have started to fine tune my style and technique and have begun sharing with the world my passion for nature and wildlife. I try and capture wildlife in motion and the beauty of their surroundings and bring the relaxation of nature through in my images.




Flower Silhouettes