Artistic Designs

Artistic Designs

Linda Watson is an artist born and raised in the south. Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Recently she has moved to a hillside farm about 30 minutes from the city where she raises llamas, cows, horses, goats and chickens along with cats and dogs.

She has worked in several mediums over the years including acrylics, oils, water colors, wood sculpture, silversmithing, weaving, sewing clothing, interior design, floral design and weddings also doll making. But, acrylics and oil on canvas are her main stays. Cooking and baking is also a passion of hers. Her style is American Impressionism.

She worked outside the art world during the day at different office possitions and retired from MTSU Athletic Dept. after a decade and a half of fundraising and planning events.
Nights and spare time was dedicated to creating art. Whether it was paintings, sculptures, interior decorating for clients, or florals for weddings and events she worked with enthusiasm and energy. Linda worked way into the morning hours with the dedication and skill to complete her project. Now that she has retired she has taken on this adventure as a full time artist.

Her inspiration comes from nature and people. She sees the negative space of the composition, this helps define her work. Shadows, the curve in a tree limb, a rock, a stain on the sidewalk, strange found objects are her inspiration. Mixing and blending colors in unique ways helps form the foundation of her paintings. Once she has the colors moving and blending she sees what is taking shape and her paintings emerge organically, transforming the painting into works of art. Intuitively painting what is being shown to her as she paints. Motivation comes from the energy and love that she feels for people. She believes that God gave her this talent to share and that all people are the same, with the same needs. People stop her everywhere and start telling her their life stories because she shows interest in them. The movement of people and the negative spaces around objects inspire her. She wants her art to speak to people, to be happy and to inspire them. By feeling their energy and emotions she know what she needs to paint for that person.

During her high school years she took correspondence classes from Milwaukee Art institute. The late 60's and early 70's she attended Middle Tennessee State University as a Fine Art's major. Her emphasis was on painting and sculpture with a minor in Education. She excelled in three dimensional art forms such as weaving, pottery and sculpture.

Franklin and Murfreesboro Art Crawls are where you'll find her work these days. She has had one person show at local Starbucks, salons, and boutiques in the area and continues to sell her work at some of them now. Linda has sold her paintings from Tennessee throughout the south as far away as Canada.

Currently she is working on three different series of paintings, seaside, angel and souls, and Women of Third.

The evolution of her work has changed from painting abstracts and pregnant women to painting angels, churches and even doing finger painting in oil. The angel paintings have been called ethereal by many critics, they promote a calming peace that makes the on looker feel safe and loved. The Women of Third is her latest aart challenge. It shows the closeness, love and compassion of ladies that grow together in church. With this series she wants to present their story to show the bond and joy that women can share through God as their center.

Linda goal this year is to reach more people with her art. Also, to have more shows.