Klacey's Photography

Klacey's Photography


All of my life I have had creative skills that are totally God given, but my love is for photography above all other art forms. My father was a photographer, and this enhanced my love for this form of creative expression. I am now a student at ECU learning more about photography and photoshop than I could ever have previously imagined, and this allows me to provide the best images for my clients that they can truly be proud of when showing their pictures and artwork to their friends, family, and business colleagues.

In addition to my providing services as a photographer, many businesses and clients find my landscape images so beautiful, calming, and decorative that they exhibit them in their place of work or home for others to enjoy also. To learn about all the wonderful things that I produce for my clients and businesses, you can contact me at: klaceycastle@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in the purchase of beautifully unique gifts, artwork, and home decor.

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