Art by Jackie Loyal

Art by Jackie Loyal

My name is Jaqueline Loyal, I’m from Brazil originally and I have been living in the United Kingdom for 15 years where I have a beautiful family. I have a three year old son.

I discovered my passion for art in 2018,
when I had been diagnosed with skin cancer. I found painting the best therapy to sooth my soul at the time.

It took me twenty years to discover this passion in my life.

From then on I’ve always been sketching and trying different media.

In my abstract artwork I often use acrylic media on canvas or paper.
My inspiration seems to occur when I listen to Beethoven or other classical piano music while I put my child to sleep.

That’s when the magic happens!

I strongly believe that art heals your soul, your body and transforms your mind.

Art has made me stronger and more confident in life.


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